April 17, 2024

PissJapanTV pjt_25309-3-def-1 RIDING THE RAILINGS

PissJapanTV pjt_25309-3-def-1

A beautiful Japanese miss strolls the streets in a striped skirt, looking for a place to give her poon a pat. She leads us to a rooftop with lots of fun pipes and railings to ride that pussy on. A warm hot water pipe snakes out from its concrete insulation and looks so tempting to our horny honey. She backs into a 90 degree elbow that prods her crack just right. A plastic pipe down below is perfect to straddle and grind into. She shushes us when she hears someone on the stairs below.

But that doesn’t stop a sex-starved huntress. When you’re pleasing an itchy clit, every surface looks tempting for a tryout. Finally her panties come down and her wet hot slit gets full friction. She’s getting ready to blow, but is there something more, ready to shoot? Her spasming snatch drools out a steady stream of luscious peepee. When she sees the hot puddle on the roof, she giggles and hides her face.

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