February 9, 2023

PissJapanTV pjt_25309-2-def-1 PEEPEE IN THE PLAYGROUND

PissJapanTV pjt_25309-2-def-1

A pretty Asian playgirl wanders through an empty park. She yanks down her blouse and bra to play with her titties, searching for a secluded spot. A playground with a trio of weird bumpy climbing jacks catches her attention and her fancy. She straddles one and rubs her crack into the black rubbery bumps that protrude all over the plaything’s surface. Her helping hand gives her pussy just what she needs to get her excitement going at full throttle.

Some girls can’t hold back their pee once they’re ready to blast, and this honey-colored sweetheart is that type. Her downy bush presses into the rubber when her panties are down, she’s finding it hard to keep control. She parts her bottom lips and pushes onto the big hard bump. It’s about to get wet and squirty, and SPLASH! she sprays out a steaming hot spurt of perfect piss. Climbing off the soaked playground toy she smiles and walks off.

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Duration: 00:09:12

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