SexJapanTV sjt25664-5-def-1

SexJapanTV sjt25664-5-def-1

A sullen shoolgirl with shaggy black hair ducks into a quiet bathroom stall and unbuttons her blouse. A hand darts down to her mounded pussy, and she yanks down her bra to get a nipple free to pinch and tweak. She ditches her clothes and sits naked on the toilet, furry pussy spread wide as she pulls on her nips. She draws circles across her clit with a middle finger, letting thick dark hair fall into her face.
Alone and private in the bathroom, she gives in to her deep need for release. One hand works faster as she steadies against the wall with the other. It’s late and she should be asleep, but sexual need won’t let her calm down till she can ease its pressure. Finally relaxed after a heady session of self-love, she washes her hands and pulls on her clothes to get back to her room and bed.

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